A compassionate future begins with children

As we prepare to enter NAVS’ 90th year, our thoughts turn to children. What kind of example are we setting? What kind of future will we leave them? The answer to both of those questions is, we hope, “a compassionate, humane one.”

We cannot forget that the future starts with children. That’s why ending dissection is so integral to NAVS’ mission. Because teaching children that it’s okay to cut open animals in science classrooms does the opposite of teaching respect for all living beings. Instead, it re-enforces the belief that animals are disposable objects for humans to use as they please.

For decades, supporters like you have helped bring us closer to ending dissection. Nearly 30 years ago, we began our work with our Dissection Hotline for students, where we fielded calls from young people across the country who didn’t want to dissect but had no resource to help them opt out. 

Fast forward to the establishment and growth of BioLEAP, our free lending library of dissection alternatives, and then in the year 2000 to our landmark to success in the passage of state legislation that would ensure students who chose to opt out of dissection would be exempt from punishment and offered a more compassionate substitute for a live animal. Today, through our Compassionate Humane Options in Classroom Education (CHOICE) initiative, we’re helping to get similar legislation introduced all around the United States.

As we look back at these accomplishments, we know that they couldn’t have happened without the countless supporters throughout the years who understand the importance of teaching children respect for all walks of life—and how these lessons create compassionate adults.

But to finally bring an end to the deeply-rooted practice of classroom dissection, we need your help. With your gift today, you will be furthering efforts to continue the adoption of student choice legislation in even more states. You’ll also be funding new efforts to engage with high school biology teachers and educate them on the advantages and availability of high-tech, alternatives that have been shown to be even better than live animals when it comes to student learning.

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When NAVS was founded 90 years ago, few could have imagined the progress that would be made in ending cruel and archaic uses of animals in the name of science. Please join with those who came before you and those who will benefit from your compassion and generosity by making a holiday gift to NAVS today.

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