Animals used for testing need your help!

his week, Take Action Thursday focuses on new state legislation to end the use of animals for cosmetics safety testing.  Legislation can move very quickly through states that have short legislative sessions. Since the issue of state legislation embracing humane cosmetics was … Continued

New Year, New Cruelty-Free You!

Written by Ashley Velez, of Cruelty-Free with Ashley V A few weeks ago, we rang in the new year and were enthusiastic about improving every part of our lives. By the time January came around, we already had our goals … Continued

Give Students a CHOICE Not to Dissect

  Each year, students across the U.S. are faced with the ethical decision of whether or not to participate in classroom dissection activities on animal specimens or body parts. Some students are being asked to take part in such activities … Continued

Forever Homes are on the Docket for 2019

State Legislation Animals used in scientific research are all-too-often regarded as disposable “commodities” and are needlessly killed following their use in the lab.   NAVS has been working steadily over the past several years to help introduce and encourage the passage … Continued

Testing Cosmetics on Animals Needs to Stop!

This week, Take Action Thursday makes a New Year’s resolution to continue and strengthen efforts aimed at ending the use of animals for cosmetics safety testing . Legislative sessions are getting underway in Congress and in many states, bringing with … Continued