The Dos & Don’ts Of Going Cruelty Free

This week’s post from our Cruelty-Free Beauty Blogger, Ashley V, shares some Do’s and Don’ts for those going cruelty-free.   So you educated yourself on the heartbreaking realities of animal testing and decided it was time to steer clear of paying … Continued

Support Ban on Eating Dogs and Cats

NAVS is urging support for legislation banning the consumption of dogs and cats in the U.S. Federal Legislation This week, NAVS urges action on a bipartisan bill that would prohibit the human consumption of dogs and cats. The Dog and Cat … Continued

Dogs and Cats Used in Research

Many people are surprised to find out that cats and dogs are still used in research, much less that science has proven them to be insufficient models for human health issues. Want to know more? Learn about the use of … Continued

Have You Provided for Your Companion Animals?

This week’s Take Action Thursday encourages making provisions for the future safety and well-being of your non-human family members. Each week in Take Action Thursday, we typically recommend advocacy on behalf of animals all across the country—and even around the … Continued