Bring Humane Education into the Classroom

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges state legislators to introduce a bill to require humane education and humane treatment of animals in classrooms. State Legislation Incorporating humane education into classroom activities teaches students at an early age to treat both … Continued

Testing on Animals Must Stop!

Take action to support federal and state bills that would save animals from medical training and testing. Federal Legislation The Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training (BEST) Practices Act, S 498 and HR 1243, would ban the use of animals for … Continued

Stop the Sale of Animal-Tested Cosmetics

Take action to support federal and state cruelty-free cosmetics bills. Federal Legislation The Humane Cosmetics Act, HR 2790, which would require private and governmental entities to end their use of animals to test for the safety of cosmetics, now has … Continued

Help End the Sale of Ivory

This week’s Take Action Thursday urges action to ban the sale of ivory from elephant tusks and rhino horns through individual states. State Legislation Each year, worldwide elephant and rhinoceros populations decrease, as thousands of these animals are brutally killed … Continued