The gift that keeps on giving

This holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a gift from your heart that you knew would save lives—now and in the future? When you make a holiday donation to the NAVS Sanctuary Fund, not only are … Continued

Smarter science saves animals

Innovative research methods are helping develop personalized treatments for cancer. Advancements are being made in finding ways to prevent or cure illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that were once thought untreatable. New ways to study and prevent epidemics like the … Continued

Your gift to animals seeking freedom

We can’t imagine what it’s like in those first few moments when the animals that have been helped through the NAVS Sanctuary Fund first realize they’re free—whether it’s from years of abuse in a laboratory, from an awful hoarding and … Continued

Bringing people together, for the animals

From calling for an end to the use of animals for cosmetics testing to demanding increased government transparency regarding animal welfare, NAVS supporters like you came out in record numbers this year to let your legislators know that you stand … Continued


Whether it’s on behalf of Maya the beagle in California, Freya the baboon in Indiana, Jersey the capuchin or any of the numerous other animals in need, the NAVS Sanctuary Fund has come to the aid of sanctuaries, rescues and … Continued

Voting to make a difference for animals

Every year, thousands of bills concerning animal issues are considered by the federal government, all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These bills cover a wide variety of issues, including animals in research and education, animal neglect and cruelty, … Continued