Celebrate the New Year and Our Victories in 2016!

Federal Legislation A long-awaited reform bill that will greatly reduce the number of animals used for chemical safety testing finally passed Congress in 2016. Two other important bills must be reintroduced in next year’s session. In June, the Frank R. … Continued

Changing Animal and Human Lives: Our Story

There are numerous stories from NAVS supporters who have shared why the work NAVS does on behalf of animals is so important to them—and why they’re proud to be part of our life-saving efforts. We wanted to make sure you heard … Continued

Why I Give to NAVS: A Doctor’s Story

Like so many animal advocates, Shari Yudenfruend-Sujka, MD, has always had a love of animals. But it was only after the adoption of a companion animal of her own that things really began to “click” for her. In the years … Continued

How NAVS Helped My Family: A Parent’s Story

When Billie Rouse read her son Drew’s science syllabus at the start of the school year, her heart fell. In just a few months, Drew’s class would be taking part in animal dissection exercises, cutting open, poking, prodding and examining … Continued

Why NAVS Matters: A Sanctuary’s Story

Some were shackled in chains and put on display at roadside zoos. Others were bred in backyards and forced into the exotic pet trade. Many spent their lives in laboratory cages—cut open, drugged and abused in the name of science. … Continued