20 Years of the NAVS Sanctuary Fund

In 1998, NAVS was struggling with important questions that were on the minds of our staff and supporters:  

When we fulfill our mission to end animal testing and experimentation, where will the animals currently in laboratories go?

As we fight the long-term battle to end vivisection, how can we help animals who are suffering today?

NAVS sought to answer these questions with the establishment of our Sanctuary Fund. It gave our supporters the ability to contribute to a special fund that would help animals when they need it the most–whether they’re being retired from research, affected by a natural disaster, or suffering as victims of abuse or neglect by humans.

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Here are a few the stories of just a few of the animals that supporters like you have helped throughout the years.

1998 – Our First Grants Are Awarded

  One of our earliest Sanctuary Fund grants helped Primarily Primates in San Antonio, TX, in the aftermath of a dangerous flood. More than 500 monkeys, chimpanzees and other animals found their homes threatened, with the sanctuary experiencing burst water pipes, demolished enclosures, and downed electrical wires. Because the Sanctuary Fund was developed to act as quickly as possible, the grant was able to prevent animal injuries and further facility damage.




2005 – Mariclare the PMU Mare

When the NIH revealed that Prempro, a female hormone replacement therapy made using pregnant mare urine, could potentially do more harm than good, production decreased by one third, leaving thousands of unwanted PMU mares. In 2005, the NAVS Sanctuary Fund provided Equine Advocates with a grant that allowed for the rescue of eighteen mares. At Equine Advocates, the mares, who had until then been confined to tiny, unkempt stalls with limited access to water, slowly began to trust their new caretakers—with the exception of Mariclare. With severe health problems, and an unruly disposition, Mariclare, an otherwise impressively sized mare, just could not gain weight. But after a year, and a lot of patience and nurturing, Mariclare finally reached her perfect weight. Her eyes, once wild, terrorized, became softer. She continued to improve, with Equine Advocates with her every step on her journey to recovery.


2018 – Celebrating 30 Years

This year—in addition to answering dozens of calls for help thanks to donations from our compassionate supporters—we provided for the care of Jasmine and Julie, who were victims of a severe neglect situation. The two hounds were confiscated when concerned citizens contacted the local authorities about their owner. The emaciated dogs were then transferred to Friends of Campbell County Animals in Jacksboro, TN. The NAVS Sanctuary Fund helped offset the steep cost of Jasmine and Julie’s medical care, and we’re happy to report they’re expected to make a

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