Making a Difference

In 1959, Russell and Burch described the “3 R’s” principle, encouraging the reduction, refinement, and replacement of animals used in experimentation. Over the years, NAVS has developed a series of programs and services directed at enlightening educators, students, parents and government leaders about cruelty-free alternatives to facilitate the reduction of animal use in education. Widespread use of dissection alternatives in lieu of animal dissection will save millions of animals’ lives every year, and will teach students that all living beings have value.

Here are a few of our successful initiatives to bring about change:

BioLEAP: The Biology Education Advancement Program (BioLEAP) is a comprehensive resource for students who do not wish to take part in classroom dissection exercises, as well as for teachers and school districts looking to introduce dissection alternatives in their curricula.

BioLEAP provides information about—and access to—computer software, tablet apps, online programs and other resources. BioLEAP also contains the first and largest lending library of non-animal life science materials, enabling students who object to dissection to fulfill their academic requirements in a way that does not harm animals. Our wide range of materials covers a variety of species—including humans, frogs, cats, rats, fetal pigs, and more—and are suitable for elementary through graduate level courses. All are available for loan free of charge

Science Fairs: NAVS supports and encourages student science projects that omit the invasive use of animals. We are proud to be the only advocacy organization allowed to confer the Humane Science Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), one of the world’s largest and most respected events of its kind. We also support the American Junior Academy of Sciences annual meeting, held in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting to spread the word about humane science.

Student Choice: For students, teachers and parents interested in implementing student choice policies and promoting humane alternatives, NAVS has assembled the Student Choice Resource Tool Kit, a comprehensive set of documents that includes guidelines, letter templates and a sample presentation, which outline the benefits of using non-animal dissection alternatives.

NAVS Dissection Hotline: 1-800-922-FROG (3764) provides assistance to those seeking to advance student choice policies in our nation’s classrooms. Established in 1989, this one-of-a-kind service was originally designed to provide personalized counseling to students seeking alternatives to dissection while preserving their academic standards of life science education. Today, anyone–including educators, board of education members, government officials and parents–seeking information on dissection alternatives can utilize this resource, absolutely free of charge.

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