How You Can Help

In today’s troubled economy, we realize that many people aren’t able to donate as much time or money as they’d like to charitable organizations like NAVS. But there are options. Individuals just like you, acting on their own and in their spare time, have the means to help nudge the education establishment toward 21st century innovation and abandonment of animal use in the classroom.

    • Make a Donation: The engine that powers our campaigns is funding, and we could never have achieved our accomplishments without financial support from like-minded people like you. You can help fuel our mission, either by signing up for our Monthly Giving Program, or by periodically making a single donation.
    • Sign Up for Free Email Alerts:NAVS publishes two weekly eBlasts that keep you updated on important issues. Signing up for either (or both) is fast, easy and free, and we will never share your personal information with a third party.
      • Science First keeps you up to speed on the latest technology developed to replace the use of animals in education and also covers the latest advancements in product testing and biomedical research.
      • Take Action Thursday alerts you to news pertaining to animal law, including the latest dispatches concerning student choice laws in individual states and other humane education initiatives.
    • Call the NAVS Dissection Hotline at 1-800-922-FROG (3764) for advice on how to voice your objections to dissection; for guidance on how to pass a student choice policy; and for resources available through NAVS’ BioLEAP.
    • Advance a Student Choice Policy initiative in your school or district by utilizing the steps outlined in our Student Choice Resource Tool Kit.
    • Contact Your State Legislators and ask them to enact a student choice law in your state.
    • Contact NAVS if you have used (or are aware of) any new, innovative dissection alternatives.
    • Stay Informed: Remain vigilant in checking the Animal Law Resource Center. If you see that there is any pending legislation affecting students’ rights in objecting to dissection, take action in support of those rights.
    • Join us on Facebook and start spreading the word about cruelty-free classrooms.
    • Follow us on Twitter for current news, campaign updates and important announcements.
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