Welcome to NAVS’ Biology Education Advancement Program—BioLEAP.

BioLEAP is a comprehensive educational resource for students who do not wish to take part in classroom dissection exercises, and for teachers and school districts looking to introduce dissection alternatives into their curricula. These “alternatives” are really “advancements” in teaching tools that capitalize on 21st century technologies that can enhance a student’s understanding of anatomy, physiology and the life sciences in general.

The following links will provide you with cost-effective and humane alternatives to animal use in the classroom, as well as provide you with information about student choice laws and policies that protect students’ rights to use dissection alternatives.

Free Online Dissection Alternatives   Fee-Based Dissection Alternatives
BioLEAP Alternatives Lending Library   How Dissection Alternatives Save Money
Alternatives by the Numbers   Student Choice Resource Toolkit
Student Choice Measures by State   Frequently Asked Questions


BioLEAP also administers the NAVS Dissection Hotline, the nation’s only toll-free service (1-800-922-FROG [3764]) providing information, counseling and support for students, parents and teachers who object to dissection. Any student, teacher, parent or school district interested in obtaining information on alternatives to dissection in the classroom is welcome to call the NAVS Dissection Hotline for help.

Students and educators who object to dissection can make a positive demonstration of their commitment to learning and fulfilling their academic requirements in a way that keeps the life in life science.

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