Best in Show: Day Dreaming,

Jackie Lambert

 Day Dreaming

Best Photo: To Every Season, an Out-of-the-Box Solution,

Julie Shavin

 To Every Season, an Out-of-the-Box Solution

 1st Place Adult: The Dog,

Ellen Marcus

 The Dog

2nd Place Adult: Holes in the Soul,

Michael Wyka

 Holes in the Soul

 3rd Place Adult: Happy Holidays from Reindeer and Cat,


Happy Holidays from Reindeer and Cat 


1st Place Youth: Animal Testing: Is This Natural?,

Rebecca Matson

Animal Testing: Is This Natural?

 2nd Place Youth: Eagle,

Sebastian Corres


3rd Place Youth: Sea Turtle,

Gianna Gato

 Sea Turtle

 1st Place Child: Winter Wonderland,

Michelle Zhu

 Winter Wonderland

2nd Place Child: My Cat Feather,

Claire Zverev

My Cat Feather 

 3rd Place Child: Happy Puppy,
Claire Behringer
Happy Puppy

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