Best in Show: Free the Voice,

Conrad Javier

 Free the Voice

Best Photo: Confinement,

Lindsey Smith


 2nd Place Adult: Speak, See, Hear No Evil,

Ashley Senese

 Speak, See, Hear No Evil

3rd Place Adult: Can We Go Home,

Kevin Haseman

 Can We Go Home

 1st Place Youth: Panda in Metal Forest,

Becky Roetker

Panda in Metal Forest 


2nd Place Youth: Live Hoppily!,

Abigail Keonig

Love Hoppily

 3rd Place Youth: All Creatures Great and Small,

Halie Smith

All Creatures Great and Small

1st Place Child: Help,

Bryanna Hurson


 2nd Place Child: Fluffy Orange Love,

Jamie Anderson

 Fluffy Orange Love

3rd Place Child: Cougar,

Marlee Anderson

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